Project Description


Heating Masturbator-CHIVEN 3

OTOUCH CHIVEN 3 masturbator has a nice, discreet case and is easy to take everywhere with you. The Chiven 3 Masturbator is comfortable to hold and features an anti-slip pattern. It’s also silent and waterproof. The warming function will get you to a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and can be turned on and off separately. The masturbator features 6 intense vibrations and it’s easy to switch between the different settings with the 4-Way joystick on the top. The soft silicone interior features studs and ridges that provide optimal stimulation for your penis. Always use some lubricant on the penis for extra comfort. The Chiven 3 comes with a USB cable so you can quickly recharge it and a convenient storage bag. Clean the toy after use with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.

Color: Black

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Free Your Hands

You Got A Pampered Tool!

Turn off your phone and lock the door for powerful and targeted stimulation that feels like hot oral sex –– and enjoy the same results, too! No matter what shape your shaft is in, this masturbator is ready to coax it into a thrilling pleasure experience! You can enjoy it with or without low or high warming function. The Chiven 3 focuses on a very special part of a man body: the head of the penis and a sensitive area on the underside of the head known as the frenulum. Be prepared to have the tip of your willie encased with warmer-than-body-temperatures, 6 tireless vibration modes, and 2 knee-buckling speeds. You will have one pampered tool!

It Is Hard To Beat!

Why a warming function? Several types of research have proved that the heads of most penises respond very positively to the combination of stimulating vibrations and on-demand warmth. The realistic feeling of what feels like a hot mouth is hard to beat! Take the Chiven 3 into the shower for that morning wake-up, or at the end of a troublesome day and feel your stress melt away.



Product Attribute

• Material: ABS+Silicone

• Function: 6*Vibration + 2* Heating

• Waterproof: IPX6

• Product Size: 76*80*130mm

• Weight: 490g

• Packing: 20PCS/CTN, 516*415*235mm

• Packing Details: Masturbation Cup, USB charging cable, user’s manual, storage bag